We are a neighbourhood-based team of stewards, each of us responsible for ensuring the health and biodiversity of a section of Red Hill Valley and the creeks that flow through it. We seek to educate and align our community in the steps we all can take to improve our watershed’s health. Our work is a critical link in restoring the Red Hill Valley Watershed back to its full ecological magnificence. We do this for the health of our natural environment, the health of our community and out of pride as Hamiltonians.

Since September 2012, we have been an extremely active group in the Cootes Watershed. Beginning in April 2016 we launched the Stewards of Red Hill Watershed program where we continue the same great cleanup efforts. You can already take a closer look at our latest number of cleanups we have hosted, hours volunteers have worked, and the amount of garbage we have removed from the Red Hill Watershed so far.

All of this has been done to prepare these initial reaches of watershed for our core activity – Monthly Stewardship, where as a starting point we maintain a standard that not a single piece of garbage is to be found along the watershed, and in doing so, ensure from all who come in contact, that the creeks and tributaries of the Red Hill Valley Watershed are viewed with the respect that is deserved.

As the “hiking boots on the ground” of the watershed, we are often the first to witness events of environmental significance, which we convey through our Steward’s Field Report to the Ministry of the Environment, the City of Hamilton, the Royal Botanical Gardens or the Hamilton Conservation Authority. Our reports include environmental threats such as, incidence of contamination to our waterways, sites of erosion, prevalence of invasive species, encroachments, algae blooms, and garbage dumping, as well as environmental success stories including the presence of rare flora and fauna, and the successful re-establishment of breeding grounds.

We encourage you to contact us if you would like to join us in this rewarding and important work.


Alan Hansell – Executive Director
Simon Bugiardini – Watershed Program Manager

Board of Directors

Andy Porecki – Chair
Dawn Graham – Secretary-Treasurer
Jo Anne Haynes
Brian Haynes
Kevin Sampson
Patty Van Horne